Modori Cauldron Frying Pan & Pot
kitchen ware design, 2021
Aluminum frying pan with an easy-to-maintain coating, light weight and comfortable handle.
The cauldron frying pan resembles the shape of a cauldron. The frying pan has been redesigned to fit today's life by reinterpreting the function and design of the cauldron used by our ancestors in a modern way. Cauldron frying pans have a right angle to the bottom and sides, so you can cook more than a pan of the same size.

By adopting the riveting method, it is more hygienic by removing the connection part where food can easily get caught.

The handle is made of domestic cherry wood, which is free from harmful substances and provides a comfortable grip.

Product design : ilseop Yoon
Photography 1 : kwon-jin Kim
Photography 2 : Tae-hoon Kim, Hak-seon Lee
Product planning : Soo-jin Kim

isy studio.

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