Magnet Kitchen Utensil Set
for Modori, 2021

Modori endeavors to create a kitchen environment that aligns with our lifestyles, offering tools that are safe, practical, and beautiful. The cookware is meticulously designed based on the three key principles: safety, beauty, and practicality.
Modori cookware utilizes silicone, a material that remains harmless even at high cooking temperatures and is resistant to deformation. It can be sterilized with boiling water at 100 degrees celsius, and its elastic properties prevent scratches or sticking on frying pans or pots, ensuring comfortable usage.
To maximize the benefits of silicone, the entire cookware is enveloped in it, resolving issues found in traditional designs where parts could separate or catch foreign substances. Silicone's color versatility is harnessed, with bright colors for low-contamination foods and dark colors for high-contamination foods.    A gray option is also provided for users to freely enjoy without concerns about color transfer.
The handle design prioritizes a universally comfortable cylindrical shape, emphasizing general usability over specialized forms for professionals. Additionally, the magnetic storage/drying system enhances convenience, allowing easy storage and drying after washing. Whether temporarily storing utensils during cooking or post-cleaning, the built-in magnet in Modori cookware handles makes it a seamless process.

Product Design : ilseop Yoon
Photography / Studio : Sang-ho Son 
Photography  /  Location : Jun-yeol Lee, Hak-seon Lee
Contents PD : Tae-Jun Ahn
Product Planning : Soo-jin Kim, Geun-young Moon
Assistant Designer : Young-jin Cho, Tea-sung Kim

isy studio.

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